neděle 7. září 2008

Aether and quantum mechanics

Richard Feynman: "It is safe to say that nobody understands quantum mechanics".
John Wheeler: "If you are not completely confused by quantum mechanics, you do not understand it."
Roger Penrose: "Quantum mechanics makes absolutely no sense." (via

OK. The interpretation of quantum mechanics by Aether Wave Theory is easy and it's based on the foam behavior of Aether fluctuations, which are getting more dense after introduction of some energy by the same way, like soap foam during shaking inside of evacuated vessel. This behavior can be modeled easily by common computer and you can play with it by using of interactive Java applet. Note the similarity of foam behavior and dynamic mesh approach, used in numerical simulations.

As the result, every wave propagates through vacuum like so called quantum wave packet ("particle"), where the mass density of vacuum (so called the probability function, denoted by blue line on the picture bellow) is proportional the the actual energy density in each space and time interval (red color), thus fulfilling the Schrödinger equation - a fundamental equation of quantum mechanics.
The foam model illustrates the particle-wave duality, i.e. the fact, every isolated wave (soliton) propagates through vacuum like less or more pronounced density blob (wave packet), the density of which is proportional the wave frequency, which keeps the energy of wave packet quantized. This leads to interesting phenomena during wave packets collision, when the gradient forming blob becomes so large, so that the wave will bounce from internal walls of wave packet like wave inside of glass sphere or similar resonator and it will change itself into isolated standing wave of particle, undulating at place (a process known as a materialization of radiation).

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