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AWT and black holes theory

By AWT the black holes are the last stage of gravitational collapse, being dense stars (i.e. collapsars) formed mostly by top quarks at the surface, by neutrinos and axions at the center. Their gravitational field can be interpreted simply by gradient of mass/energy density of vacuum, so that the event horizon of black holes is the result of so called total reflection phenomena. This is because the surface of every massive body in 3D increases with square root of its mass, whereas its volume increases with cube-root, so that the surface gradient increases gradually, until it fulfills the total reflection condition.

This rule has its own exceptions at the case of very large black holes, where the energy density of surface gradient cannot be neglected anymore. The surface energy density of space-time curvature balances the mass density of black hole itself and it leads to the violation of total reflection condition again. Such giant black holes will change into so called quasar or fuzzball (or "naked singularity" by older models, although such stars needn't may not contain any daughter singularity at all), which is quite radiative. At the case or rotating black holes the total reflection is violated at the poles of quasar first, so that the black holes of the average size are exhibiting polar jets, which can be considered as a exaggerated case of so called gravity brightening, which can be observed at the case of giant, fast rotating stars (like Regulus at the left picture bellow). It means, the polar jets are insintric property of large black holes by AWT, not just the result of collimation of accretion radiation and the shining black hole is losing its mass by such way.

The total reflection mechanism enables us to explain, why black hole cannot reflect the light, the wavelengths of which is higher then the effective diameter of event horizon. The evanescent waves escaping the event horizon can serve as an analogy to quantum tunneling of photons by classical Hawking mechanism. In addition, every "scratching" of event horizon by impact of heavy object will lead to violation of total reflection and the release of giant flashes of gamma radiation from interior of black hole, for example during black hole collisions.

From AWT follows, the internal surface of event horizon will be quite reflective for short waves, which has even its own testable implications (a model of cosmic hall of mirrors). The extreme red shift will complicate the search for reflections and dodecahedral space topology, though. It may still be possible, the faint structures observable in far infrared spectrum are the result of reflections from internal walls of our universe. In this connection the analogy between inner and outer perspective of black holes and the archetypes of hell and heavens may be interesting. Are we descendants of creatures, who passed through event horizon in their recent history? Nonetheless, AWT model of black holes appears quite predicative, although here are always many alternative ways, how to interpret such observations.
For example, at the case, some black holes will get close mutually, so called Einstein-Rosen bridge (a "worm hole") may be formed, which connects the parallel universes less or more partially. This mechanism was proposed recently for explanation of so called CMB cold spot in constellation of Eridanus - although it seems, this spot is formed rather by large cloud of dust, shielding the CMB.

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  1. Eq(01):
    AWT and black holes theory = copy/past from net + stupid sauce of word

  2. If you find the original source of some claim, I'll add the link to it without problem.

    But so far I never met with explanation of Einstein-Rosen bridge by neck between pair of black holes, with concept of reflection from internal walls of event horizon, the explanation of jet by rotation of black hole (most of theories assumes, the jet is product of accretion matter from outside, it cannot appear spontaneously).

    While the black hole concept of Universe is quite old, it seems, nobody did try to connect it with dense Aether concept, parallel Universe concepts, Lorentz invariance and another phenomena, which follows from it immediately and which are making this idea predictable and testable.

    It's apparently too close to ancient Aether concept, then the religious mainstream science can accept..;-)

  3. Theoretical evidence against black holes from Stephen J. Crothers web site. Fortunatelly here are still theorists, who can use their own head.

  4. People are often considering nuclear forces a much stronger, then the electromagnetic force. But heavy atoms are behaving rather like energetic continuum - for complete removal of their electrons from atom nuclei we are required to use short X-ray radiation, which is able to break up atom nuclei. For example it's impossible to strip all electrons from xenon atoms without breaking of xenon atom nuclei: such atoms appear like rather homogeneous clouds of energy in analogy to black hole fuzzballs, where doesn't exist sharp boundary betwen matter and vacuum.

    The preparation of atoms with low number of electrons is interesting from theoretical reasons, because it enables to observe insintric structure of vacuum via measurements of effects like Lamb shift with unprecedented quality (neighboring electrons usually interfere Lamb shift via internal Stark and Zeeman effects)


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