čtvrtek 23. října 2008

AWT, human spirit and various psychic phenomena

As the human brain is fascinating product of evolution, it's mainly a giant electrochemical machine, which consumes over 15% of human body metabolic energy. The heat production by brain is believed to be a significant factor of marine mammals thermoregulation. We should realize, most of this energy is released in the form of collective motion of charged ions, so it has a distance effects as so called EEG waves. Unfortunately, electromagnetic waves emanated by individual neurons are compensating mutually, so they cannot propagate at the distance.

By AWT the human brain is essentially a electrochemical simulator of Aether reality formed by quantum foam. This concept isn't quite new, as the holographic idea of quantum consciousness was introduced by K.H. Pribram in the mid of 60's and further developed by Sir R. Penrose later. By AWT approach, the quantum character of neural network signals manifests at the millimeter scale as a standing waves of electrochemical activity inside of human brain. The non-linear quantum character of brain waves is the consequence of soliton model of neural signal propagation (sound pulses), by which the neural net is behaving like supercritical fluid (temperature of axon membranes in warm-blooded animals is slightly above the critical temperature for the phase transition leading from crystal like state of the lipid layers to a liquid crystal state). Thermoregulation has developed first for predators, i.e. high IQ organisms with fast reactions (Aves, Tyrannosaurus rex, Carcharodon carcharius, Thunnus thynnus, etc.).

In this point, AWT brings a new testable insights into physical theory of human spirit and various psychic phenomena by considering of concept of so called scalar field, which was introduced by Tesla's experiments into alternative physics. The modern quantum mechanics phenomena, like the entanglement and/or Aharamov-Bohm effect seems to support the concept of scalar waves, which can be considered as a manifestation of hidden dimensions of vacuum. By AWT the vacuum foam is behaving like urethane mattress, so it undulates by two fundamental ways, so called Abelian group perturbations in many nested dimensions in transversal waves:

In addition, the undulations can switch their dimensional level in certain range, so that the energy is transferring from one space-time level into another and back again in longitudinal waves (i.e. ). This mode of energy exchange is called non-Abelian perturbations and it's responsible for neutrino or quark color oscillations, for example. We can met with this kind of undulations in common life at the case of so called Widnall instability of vortex rings:

As the result, the electromagnetic waves are propagating through vacuum in many dimensions at the same moment, which cannot be characterized completely by their electrostatic and electromagnetic field vectors, because they're affecting just a density of vacuum, not electromagnetic signals. As the most common source of scalar waves could serve toroid coil or so called caduceus bifiliar coil, where the polarization vectors are compensated mutually. It means, it may be possible, such scalar field surrounds every neural network as a quantum mirage of electrochemical waves in the human brain, thus forming a physical basis of spirit phenomena. The longitudinal gravitomagnetic interaction and London cohesion interactions can play a significant role here by the same way, like at the case of so-called ball lightning phenomena, which involves a complex motion of ionized particles (Rydberg atoms) as well. And as such they can have a mechanical effects at distance, thus opening a wide space for physically relevant explanation of various psychic phenomena (like anesthesia, telepathy, psychokinesis or even levitation etc..), which were reported repeatedly.

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  1. Hold everything! Are you well ?

  2. In certain (and not only one) sense neural network mimics metamaterial behavior of quantum foam with respect to formation of solitons and stable particles. The main purpose of these structure is the dynamic environment for formation of selfrepreducing solitons, which can simulate evolution of complex multidimensional problems and situations, we are facing in real life.

    Complex foamy structures inside of neuron cells (microtubules) can behave for phonons like foamy structure of hollow fibre optical cabels for photons. Many phenomena like like soliton of optical event horizon formation and/or Hawking radiation can be demonstrated by these optical cables, too.


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