pondělí 2. února 2009

AWT and plicate topology

By AWT every causal (logical) theory becomes part of physical reality by the same way, like physical artifact itself, which are dual to it. We tend to consider only reproducible repeating events/artifact as real, thus fulfilling the theories and their causal implication. The random fluctuation of Aether density isn't real for us, until we recognize it like electron, photon, etc., i.e. until we assign it into some conceptual group. Only the fact, consciousness is forming environment for these waves, we tend to consider ideas a non-material artifacts by the same way like the Aether, which is dual approach to consciousness from this perspective.

By this way, the observable reality is forming a brane manifold between our ideas and observations (perceptions) mediated by wits and it has both objective, both subjective character of belief. The symmetry of this duality is broken toward multiplicity of casual approach and intersubjective opinon due the emergence paradigm (more is really more).

The physical theories are ideas formalized by group of nested logical implications, which are connected mutually by correspondence principle. Each implication is defined by its causal time arrow, defining the causality. The time arrow is defined by root system of higher order tensors describing the gradient of space-time compactification, which can be furthermore interpreted by a rotation by Lorentz/Poincaré group in causal space. Implication tensor defines a time arrow of causal space-time curvature and subsequent compactification of it. Therefore antecedent /consequent components of every implication are defining time arrow of theory, thus forming a manifolds of causal space and conceptual basis of every theory.

At less abstract level, ideas/concepts are low energy nested density gradients ("strings" or "membranes") of compacted space-time formed by gradients of electrochemical activity inside of human brain. By holographic theory we can consider them as a supersymmetric low energy density projection of the observable reality into our consciousness. Every idea is represented by dense cluster of standing waves of electrochemical activity inside of our brain, which can become shared and entangled between brains of many members of human society. The process of understanding/sharing of such ideas corresponds the collapse of their wave functions: as the result, these ideas aren't chaotic and invariant for us anymore, they become a component of more general order, characterized by higher level of ideas.

This concept was presented first by Bohm in form of it's implicate/explicate order and it was extrapolated later by "Holographic Brain Theory" of Karl Pribram and by theory of Quantum consciousness of David Chalmers and Sir Roger Penrose. These concepts have all robust physical meaning in context of Heim's theory and AWT.

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