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AWT and Zeta function

From formal math perspective, Riemann Zeta function describes the probability density of prime number distribution in complex plane, i.e. when expressed by Ulam's spiral.

From AWT perspective Riemann Zeta function is significant from two dual reasons. It first, Ulam's spiral is closely related to Fibonacci spiral, which corresponds the patterns of closest packing of colliding particles and Golden mean ratio. Plant leaves and septum of snail/sea shells are minimizing the volume/surface ratio by the same way, like growing sphere formed by mutually coliding particles in diffusive (random walk) process.

Because numbers in vector space can be considered as a formal representation of colliding countable particles in N-dimensional space, we can see, how closely the number theory is related to particle physics and vice-versa.

Zeta function is therefore important in description of supergravity (SUGRA), which is general interaction between density gradients, formed by their shielding effect in N-dimensional space in analogy to Fatio de Duillier - Le Sage theory of gravity. The common gravity and Casimir force are projections of supergravity into 3D space from this perspective. The contributions of supergravity in higher dimensions converge to zero in accordance to surface/volume ratio dependence of N-dimensional hypersphere (i.e. hypersurface area) and the high dimensional residuals are promoting the complexity of observable reality.

The consequence is, inside of dense particle field the nested density fluctuations (clusters) are formed, but the number of cluster generations is strictly limited by geometry of their mutual interactions. After some three generations a less ore more chaotic particle superfluid is restored, as can be demonstrated by computer simulations. This behavior is related to many natural phenomena, from hydraulic sterilization over shaped warhead theory and viscoelastic properties of complex polymers (tixotropy of ketchup or Thinking Putty plasticine) and certain alloys (bismuth) under pressure to boson condensate and HT superconductivity theory. AWT explains the existence of three particle generations and the presence of superfluid condensate forming the vacuum inside of black holes by this way.

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  2. Anonymous

    When a silly takes on a road, the road is ended but the silly follows.

  3. It may be interesting, AlphaNumeric is a string theorist as well. It seems, the ways, in which many string theorists are communicating are suprisingly simmilar.

    AWT explains, how psychological pressure of individuals inside of close sectarian groups leads to defensive, arrogant and rude behavior toward their neighourhood. It's analogy to unpredictable, chaotic motion of particles inside of dense clusters.

  4. Zephir,

    Could you apply AWT to study the sociology? How?

  5. By AWT human consciousness is mediated by nested wave packets of electrochemical waves inside of our brains. By this way, the neural net serves as an Aether simulator of neighboring reality and it's energy density driven by the same way, like multidimensional utilitarian relationships between individuals inside of society.

    For example, love is long distance interaction and it leads to the formation of Cooper pairs, which can avoid dissipation phenomena, then the single member of society. The formation of families is a sort of boson condensation. AWT even explains the phenomena like sexual dimorphism as a consequence of parity violation, common in nuclear physics.

    Here many common points between behavior of close sectarian society and boson condensates and information/energy spreading. The strong censorship enables to spread some ideas rather freely through such society and without apparent dispersion. Here's an apparent analogy between behavior of black holes and sectarian communities.

    AWT basically says, everything in our society is energy density driven, so we can apply the very same geometry rules both for explanation of interactions of matter, both the social interactions. These analogies are making AWT especially usefull for predictions of wars, social crisis and other nonequillibrial phenomena.

    Sometimes later I collect more such analogies into few dedicated posts.

  6. Zephir,

    Very interesting. Before to give a long response, I'm going to think your comment carefully ... .

  7. I can't see my comments, Have you deactivated the comment section?

  8. Ups ... Zephir sorry, maybe I have had some problems with my conexion to the web ... . Well my questions:

    If we can use AWT to describe the behaviour of different groups that are formed by many humans, and AWT is a valid model to describe many models that belong to the condensed matter physics, like Bose-Einstein condensate, or even to describe the spacetime, then, could we say that the spacetime itself (or bose condesates) are entities alive?

  9. It seems, comment section doesn't work well on title page, so you should open individual posts via their dedicated links. Maybe it's a problem of some plugin used in blog engine, I'll check them for exact reason.

    By AWT even the simplest particles exhibits a rudimentary forms of life: they're tactile, sensitive to heat, the interact mutually, they follow energy density gradients like bacteria are following the gradient of sugar concentration, and so on.

    Here are many testable analogies and I wrote about it here:

    From this perspective organic life is just sufficiently concentrated/compacted version of inorganic "life".

  10. Then, why are not the planets, the stars or the galaxies, the atoms of more bigger structures, which could also be modelled by AWT? These more bigger structures, could be alive?

  11. Here's an apparent space-time symmetry connected with life definition, the living objects aren't large in space perspective (they're consist of limited number of particles), but they're large in time dimension - they exhibit a memory, reflecting large number of evolutionary events ( i.e. the mutations). This enables the people to observe Universe in symmetric way, i.e. not just in space, but in time dimension, too (into the past of cosmic scale or into future at Planck scale). On the other hand, people reflects atemporal events poorly and they tend to ignore them.

    With compare to living objects planets and stars are quite unstructured with respect to time dimension and they change with time only slowly. As the result, they don't interact via long space-time distance scale interactions significantly.

  12. This animation illustrates the meaning/significance of Phi number with respect to Aether Wave theory. It defines the most dense packing of particles, which is still as most as aperiodical, as possible. Periodicity in particle arrangement makes moire, gradients and obstacles for energy wave spreading, so that the particles forming vacuum and free cosmic space is tuned in such way, it allows the propagation of light to distance.

    Whenever the ratio of particle arrangement is violated, we can see just a opaque matter, instead of transparent vacuum. From AWT follows, the total volume of compacted space-time enclosed in opaque matter is the same, like the volume of free cosmic space.


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