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AWT and the fall of matter into black hole

By classical physics matter during fall into black hole doesn't radiate, until the density of matter flux becomes so large, the mutual collision and friction of matter particles doesn't lead into lost of matter into accretion radiation even before the matter can reach event horizon. From AWT follows, part of matter will be always converted into accretion radiation, because matter is composed of nested density fluctuations of Aether and forces, which are keeping these density fluctuations together depends solely on the density gradients / space-time curvature at different levels of particle nesting. We can compare the dissolving of matter into accretion radiation to the dispersion of wet lumps of sand after immersion into watter. On air, the capillary forces are able to keep grains of sand together, whereas bellow water surface not.

By AWT the gravity field of black hole behaves like density gradient of Aether, which results into fast disintegration of matter even at the case, when matter falls very slowly. Because during accretion most of matter will evaporate into energy, the pressure of radiation keeps the residual particles away from gravity field or it can even blow them away at the polar axis of black hole, where the ratio of gravity field and electromagnetic field becomes highest (polar jet of black holes may be considered as an exaggerated case of gravitational brightening observable at the case of giant spinning stars). This effectively prohibits the formation of giant black hole by accretion mechanism, and we are forced to consider primordial origin of giant black holes at the heart of most galaxies. Only black hole merging ("brane collision") can increase the mass of black hole at the moment, when it was created already. The excessive matter will be emanated in the form of less or more widespread polar jet of naked singularity or quasar, after then. Occasionally part of accretion radiation may condense at the equatorial plane of black hole, thus forming an accretion disk, which becomes the source of galactic matter and flat shape of most mature galaxies. After then, a similar process repeats inside of galaxies at stellar and planetary scales (Saturn rings), just in correspondingly faster way .

From the above mechanism follows, we can expect nested structure levels of event horizons inside of black hole, during which the character of radiated energy changes from weak to electromagnetic force. Only the most compact portion of hadron matter will survive the fall into black hole (axions and neutrinos) and these particles can pass event horizons rather freely like tachyons. The rest of matter in the form of photons, gluons and vector bosons will dissolve into graviton foam forming the interior of black hole. This foam can be perceived as CMB / Hawking radiation from outside.

We can consider, the matter of particle dissolved may condense inside of whole volume of black hole, thus restoring original entropy/information contained within particle. Ocassionally it could even reapear in the finelly divided form of CMB inside of our portion of observable Universe. But we could never follow such process in its entirety, because we would evaporate into accretion radiation a well before we could ever approach an event horizon. Which makes this description a somewhat abstract thing, testable only by dispersion of gravitational waves and/or neutrinos at distance.

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  1. Zepher,

    I Like your ideas. My own theories have similarity to yours when it comes to matter falling into a black hole.

    In time black holes will spin very quickly due to inflowing matter. Matter falling into a black hole would orbit the black hole at a very rapid speed, maybe 10% the speed of light. At this speed it would interact with the surrounding aether which would also be rapidly orbiting the black hole.

    There would be a lot of matter interaction also including friction, and the resultant ionization of the orbiting matter (loss of electrons). Next the molecular bonds between matter would begin to break down. As you said, disintegration.

    Lastly the strings that make up the matter would become disengaged and some broken. Nothing would be left excepting for field strings which is what the aether itself is made of. Black holes themselves are also just a compressed state of this same field aether material.

    respectfully, forrest

  2. Hi, Forrests,

    the dissolution of matter at presence of strong gravity field can be explained in many mutually consistent ways, the AWT model of accretion radiation isn't the only possible one.

    For example, we can imagine, strong gravity field would excerpt tidal forces, which disintegrate particles of matter. Here's a dynamic equilibrium between mutually dual gravity and electromagnetic field and matter and radiation. As the particles of matter are held together by electromagnetic field, strong gravity field will cause their dissolution into radiation. In strong electromagnetic field such equilibrium will be shifter to the opposite side and the particles of light (i.e photons) will condense into particles of matter back again (pair formation is the reciprocal process to annihilation).

    From the above follows, the strong electromagnetic field of rotating black hole would keep particles together, which is consistent with the fact, the accretion radiation is concentrated in polar jets, where the gravity is compensated by centrifugal force in smallest extent possible.

  3. Hi to everyone,

    It's amazing to see how many simple models can be made using the framework provided by AWT, and how these models explain the nature in a simple way. I was very worried, because the modern theoretical physics are using very sophisticated math that I can't understand. I only want to understand the nature without studying these complex math structures. Thanks to AWT, I've got a feeling about the behaviour of the nature, without understanding sophisticated math at all.

  4. Common people want to understand the reality on intuitive level by the same way, like illuminati of Voltair era. Formally thinking scientists tends to ignore - if not hinder - such approach obstinatelly from the same reasons, like Holy Church of Galileo and Voltair era due their fear from the lost of informational and philosophical monopoly in society.

    It shouldn't be understood like my fundamental antipathy toward mainstream science - I can just see another level of analogies in social evolution here, which enables me to stand aside. Every other explicator of reality would face the same problems, like me under this situation - people are behaving in predictable way like silly particles here. After all, nested density fluctuations of Aether evolve in simmilar spirals along time dimension.

  5. ... people are behaving in predictable way like silly particles here ...

    Because of this, you are not admitted in many blogs that have been created by professional physicists (Anonymous does often stress on this fact), and AWT ideas and others aether models are not contemplate as viable models to describe nature by the Orthodox School. Professional physicists, like string theorists, had to rephrase his intuitive model of vibrating strings using very complex math. So, they could decouple themselves of the rest of common people. Unfortunately, normal people often show very little interest on the behaviour of nature, otherwise, AWT would be much more accepted, and probably, you would be much more famous.

  6. Well, formally thinking scientists aren't willing to admit, here exists many phenomena - even these quite trivial ones) - which are impossible to describe in formal math completelly, because such understanding limits their relevance in the eyes of the rest of society.

    Furthemore they're not willing to admit, intuitive approach to physics could lead to fundamentally new finding, not saying about findings comming from layman area - these high minded people have spent too many years in learning of math formalism to learn a new way of thinking.

    And finally, such peple are not willing to admit, their theories are based on incomplete - if not missleading - view of reality.

  7. The refusal of AWT is often based on pure ignorance, these deniers and ignorants simply doesn't know about all connections and motivations, which have lead me to the understanding and acceptance of Aether concept. If they don't know about it, they can consider Aether theory a physically unmotivated quite easilly, because such view does fit nothing, which they personally know about Nature and formal models hide their emergent nature quite consistently.


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