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AWT and particle model of quantum mechanics

By AWT Schrödinger equation describes elastic string (red line on the animation bellow), the mass density of which (blue line on the animation bellow) is proportional to energy density of string in each space/time interval (i.e. the Hamiltonian distribution) by mass-energy equivalence principle. Therefore many quantum phenomena can be illustrated by nonlinear elastic liquids, the supercritical fluid at multiple Lifshitz point or soap foam in particular. The inertia and elastic properties of water are subtle, but we can still observe macroscopic analogy of double slit experiment and quantum mechanic behavior at the case of tiny droplets, bouncing on undulating water surface. The direct connection of Newtonian mechanics to quantum mechanics (i.e. a correspondence principle) can be illustrated with computer simulations of elastic fluid composed of repulsing particles. Computing power of contemporary GPU's and parallel processors is sufficient to run such simulations of 300.000+ particles in real time.

On the simulation example bellow the density scale of resulting density fluctuations is exaggerated - so we can see clearly, how underwater density wave follows surface waves like so called probability function solution of time dependent Schrödinger equation. The underwater sound wave corresponds the gravitational wave in vacuum analogy, whereas the transversal surface wave corresponds the photon wave. We can see, the underwater wave spreads in much higher speed, then the surface waves, because of higher number of dimensions involved and they're behaving like dispersive tachyons of negative rest mass. The longitudinal character of underwater wave results in fast dispersion, though, so that such waves can mediate only short distance range interactions (Casimir force and weak nuclear force in particular).

The density fluctuations of underwater waves correspond wave packets at the water surface, where energy spreads in lower speed, so that the probability of surface waves occurrence increases here. In this way, underwater density fluctuations can model the probability function of quantum wave and as such they can serve as a model of photons. We can see, density of water layers increases with thickness, i.e. with potential energy content and it depends on kinetic energy of surface wave (i.e. the frequency) as well, i.e. by the same way, like Hamiltonian term of Schrödinger equation.

At the real situation, the density fluctuations of water are subtle, so that only surface wave can be observed here. Under relativistic situation, when we are forced to observe the water by its own waves exclusively (which is situation, analogous to observation in vacuum), then the surface waves would be unobservable for us via surface waves due the Bose-Einstein distribution of waves, which are penetrating mutually like ghosts (compare the picture above). So that everything, what we would be allowed to see are just the nondispersive wave packets, i.e. solitons, refracting and bouncing from inner walls of underwater density fluctuations like tiny gravitational lenses (wave particle duality). The actual state of surface waves would remain unachievable for us, from this the indeterministic and probabilistic character of quantum mechanics follows.

These connections are all quite simple and trivial - so that only deep misunderstanding of Michelson-Morley experiment and strong disbelief in Aether model has prohibited the mainstream science in recognition of emergent character of quantum mechanics before many years already.

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  1. Lord Kelvin in 1880: "Newtonian mechanics is the universe in the deepest way possible. To deny it is pure lunacy".

    Contemporary physicists have derived many advanced models of reality, but they "forget" to analyze their connection of Newtonian mechanics, because of positivistic religion and shortseeing politic.

  2. Zephir,

    By AWT Schrödinger equation describes elastic string (red line on the animation bellow), the mass density of which (blue line on the animation bellow) is proportional to energy density of string in each space/time interval

    Very interesting, I didn't know that. If I haven't misunderstood the post then I think the AWT supports de Broglie-Bohm theory. Although, there are many consistent interpretations of quantum mechanics, I always had hope that the ontological interpretation was the correct one.

  3. /*..AWT supports de Broglie-Bohm theory..*/

    It indeed does and I see nothing fundamentally wrong on its many-particle formalism. AWT just introduces a concept of nested dimensions into it. In certain sense, gravity field is the pilot wave resulting from omnidirectional vacuum collapse / space-time expansion and phi-field corresponds the mass/energy density of vacuum.

    By AWT here's a dynamic equillibrium between ontological and other less or more positivistic intepretations of QM. In AWT Aether is infinitelly dense and nested particle system, a probability field of fractal space-time curvatures - here's no "onthological bottom", which would enable us to fix the absolute perspective for us. In certain sense AWT is even more relative in its consequences, then the string theory with its limited number of space-time dimensions. Despite of these conceptual subtleties just the dense Aether model explains, why and how de Broglie-Bohm approach was farseeing and surprisingly exact model of reality.

    Personally I do believe, just the Aether conotations of de Broglie-Bohm theory have lead to its refusal by mainstream. And of course the politics of McCarthy era - Bohm's holistic and materialistic approach was considered a sign of communism in 50's.

  4. Zephir,

    Have you seen this video (doubled to Spanish)? In the video can be seen as the particles exist on the surface of a fluid, and how some particles can decay into more light particles, so AWT can explain particle physics. I think AWT is a completely valid model.

  5. Yes, droplets at the watter surface waves can model probability waves of particle-particle interaction by the same way, like dense elastic fluids. The gradual decay of particles in contact with water surface is an direct analogy of particles in contact with flat space-time of vacuum. It illustrates, the existence of matter is quite temporal only. I'd reccomend you to see the breathtaking video section of Couder's presentations.

    An upcoming paper of Couder's group in PRL even suggests a quantum tunneling analogy with ordinary droplets.

    Note, how these fundamental experiments are ignored by mainstream - as they clearly demonstrate the particle nature of vacuum phenomena and quantum mechanics, which mainstream scientists aren't willing to admit, because of their fear of Aether concept.

  6. Thanks for emphasizing the importance of Couder's interference experiments with bouncing droplets in order to understand the behaviour of light. I wonder why physicists like de Broglie, Bohm or Bell never thought of specifying such experiments. They would have been much stronger in defending their intuitive views.

    You made me aware of these droplet experiments in a discussion on The Reference Frame a few months ago. Thanks.



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