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AWT and cosmological time arrow

Contemporary physics distinguishes many time arrows, which are related mutually, so that no discussion about time can have a deeper meaning without specification of particular time arrow. Contemporary physics handles no generally acceptable model for these time arrows and it doesn't understand time concept from general perspective. In particular description of relativistic space-time from macroscopic perspective remains separated from description of time at microscale, where thermodynamical time arrow is applied. Without consideration of concept of Aether emergence these time arrows cannot be reconciled at predicate logic level.

In AWT most general time arrow is so called cosmological time arrow related to omnidirectional Universe expansion, which is manifestation of dispersive character of energy spreading. While the general understanding is, Universe is facing thermodynamical death, it's not true at all as such conclusion is observer dependent. It's observer, not a Universe, who suffers by entropic processes and entropy of Universe as a whole remains constant from exsintric perspective. Thermodynamical death of Universe is just a consequence of Simillia simillibus observatur principle.

We cannot neglect fact, one half of Universe evaporates and separates by antigravity (radiation pressure), while the second one agglomerates by gravity. In AWT boundary between insintric and exsintric observational perspective is divided by observer distance scale, which corresponds to wavelength of cosmic microwave background (CMB scale) at 1.73 cm. Above such scale thermodynamic time arrow for material object becomes reversed and driven by gravity. So what we are observing are two thermodynamical processes separated by CMB/human scale into exsintric and insitric perspective. Material objects, which are large then 1.73 cm tends to agglomerate in their gravity field into larger ones. This is essentially negentropic process, related to inverse time arrow, whereas object smaller then CMB photons are evaporating into radiation, whis is indeed common entropic process. For particles of energy the whole situation remains reciprocal: large photons are dissolving like tachyons in CMB, while smaller one are condensing into solitons, i.e. material particles. No process violating CPT symmetry was observed so far.

If we consider material particles as the only observable part of Universe, thermodynamical time arrow becomes dual for 3D space-time, so we can propose more general, cosmological time arrow, which is independent to entropy of Universe (which remains the same in this case), but it's defined by the combination of the above processes. At the moment, when we would observe separation of large objects while the smaller ones would condense, we could say, not just thermodynamical, but cosmological time arrow gets reversed, too. It corresponds the propagation of observable objects across space-time brane, composed of mutually interacting gradients of Aether foam density, so that entropic processes are always balanced by these negentropic ones. From macroscopic (the past) or microscopic (the future of space-time expansion) perspective Universe is behaving like randomly undulating Aether gas, where formation of density fluctuations balances their dissolution and Universe appear atemporal, albeit it's still full of random motion. Every time arrow observed is therefore a local effect only.

While thermodynamical time arrow appears broken above CMB scale for material objects, it's just an effect of inverse geometry, in which dispersion of information occurs. Thermodynamical time arrow still remains valid here due the dispersive nature of energy spreading. In AWT gravity is just thermalization as being observed from exsintric perspective of Le-Sage Aether model. All forces are of dispersive nature, which is behaving like shielding Duillier-LeSage force from dual perspective (dual force to gravity is pressure of radiation, i.e. the only force, which can defy gravity). But we are observing universe from both perspectives, so we shouldn't omit gravity when talking about entropy from general perspective. Note that near CMB scale inverse square law for gravity becomes violated due the cosmic microwave radiation and gravity becomes effectively repulsive force bellow this scale, because of prevailing pressure of CMB radiation. This manifests by violation of equivalence principle in 3D and by weak deceleration assigned to dark matter. Again, it's just an result of perspective inversion - as a finite size fluctuation of Aether we're observing the same Le Sage gravitation "from inside". From local perspective time arrow and sign of gravity are related mutually by trivial projective geometry of mutual interactions of density fluctuations via transversal waves.

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  1. There is interesting consequence of violation of cosmological arrow in existence of particles, evolving in different cosmological time arrows. While neighboring galaxies appear isotropic, remote ones can develop in less or more different time arrows and their particles would interact with particles from Milky Way under less or more pronounced explosion like antiparticles. Such annihilation would occur mutually between particles of different galaxies too, so no observable matter would remain truly "compatible" with matter of the other galaxies.

  2. Le Sage's theory of gravitation has been conclusively discredited by physicists in XXI Century. The theory of gravitation acepted now is General Relativity. What World are you living?

  3. /*...Le Sage's theory of gravitation has been conclusively discredited by physicists in XXI Century...*/
    Yep, you used very exact word unwillingly. "Discredited" doesn't mean "disproved" in the same way, like at the case of Aether concept discrediting. By using of incorrect/irrelevant arguments you can discredit whatever thing of your personal (dis)preference.

    Maybe I'd write dedicated post explaining, how the objections against Le-Sage hypothesis can be used as a best additional predictions of this theory.

  4. I'm sorry, but if the academic authorities have said that Le Sage's theory of gravitation is wrong, then the theory is wrong and there is nothing more to say, so you should abide this dogma and shut up. Are you questioning the Constitution of Czech Republic? surely you don't. So, why are you questioning general relativity? If the Professors of theoretical physics have said that general relativity is the right theory for gravitation, you should say OK! or even ignore them. But you haven't to say I think this or another theory is better than ... .
    You're not allowed to say things like that. I'm shocked, WTF?. Think about it. Everything Professors do is for the best. Anyway, it's not for us to criticise to the Professors. If you follow writing things like that, you will never be accepted by the academic community.

  5. /*'re not allowed to say things like that...*/
    At first, Duilier-LeSage theory wasn't never thrown out by scientific community completely. Wikipedia clearly writes about it:

    "..there are occasional attempts to re-habilitate the theory outside the mainstream, including those of Radzievskii and Kagalnikova (1960), Shneiderov (1961),Buonomano and Engels (1976),Adamut (1982),Jaakkola (1996),Tom Van Flandern (1999) and Edwards (2007)...."

    If these people are able to justify Duilier-LeSage theory, why not just me?

    [q] haven't to say I think this or another theory is better than...[/q]Relativity is completely irrelevant to gravity, as it doesn't explain, why gravitational force is indirectly proportional square of distance. Duillier/Le Sage theory does so. In this sense, relativity isn't competitive theory for Le Sage theory at all or better or worse theory - it just simply deals with different things. But because relativity is using inverse square law in its derivation of Einstein's equations, it's in fact LeSage theory dependent - no less, no more.

  6. /* haven't to say I think this or another theory is better than ...*/
    But I'm not saying it at all - instead of it, it's just You, who is trying to compare LQG and ST occasionally in such way.

    In AWT no theory is wrong, if it's logical at least. If some theory says "If A then B", it doesn't mean, such theory is wrong, whenever A condition becomes invalid. It just simply means, such theory cannot be used for such situation. Only tautological assumptions (i.e. axioms or postulates) can be wrong (inconsistent with reality) or redundant or incomplete - but not boolean logics, on which theory is based. Such logics is reproducible any time.

  7. /*...are you questioning the Constitution of Czech Republic? ..*/
    In fact, just at these days our Constitution is questioned loudly in public - so I've absolutely no problem with doing it. After all, Constitution is man-made abstract stuff, it can be reworked any time in the same way, like any scientific theory.

  8. Don't you know that is very dangerous questioning a State Constitution? For example, The Spanish Constitution was questioned by the army in 1981 and here the result. You mustn't question the Constitution of Czech Republic because is the base of the Modern State, Zephir.

  9. The basis of Modern State is to f*ck some Constitution. For example, Constitution on Czech Republic warrants free healthcare, whereas in reality I'm paying it via taxes, health insurance, per-visit payments, medicals... Welcome into reality, buster.

  10. If you are not glad with the Public Health System, then you can express your upset by means of your vote. You can vote to a Liberal Political Party. According to the liberal ideas, everything, except the Military and Justice, must be private. The proponents of these ideas think something Private is more efficient than something Public. So if you don't want to pay many taxes you should endorse the privatisation of the State Enterprises. Namely:

    Privatisation of the Public Education Institutions
    Privatisation of the Public Health System
    Privatisation of the Public Electric Utilities
    Privatisation of the Public Water Utilities
    Privatisation of the Public Telecommunication Utilities

    Maybe you are like Lubos, who is continuously complaining on the Public System and on the taxes. So, vote for the Liberals and you will reach The Paradise.

    Nevertheless, I prefer the Public System (like the Scandinavians) because I must live bad in this life to pay for my sins, and so to live better in the next ;-).

  11. /*..u can express your upset by means of your vote...*/
    I do prefer to change the understanding of contemporary physics, then health insurance system in my country, is it appears a way easier task.

  12. So, you don't want to argue on politics, well, then we'll argue on physics, but you would have to know that our category is an echelon bellow the crackpot's category, as Anonymous has already pointed many times, aren't we?

  13. Which category? Concept of time arrow is serious thing. Concerning Le Sage theory, it's generally believed, nothing can defy gravity, so that even light falls into black hole. It's not true - there exists force, which can balance gravity all the time.

    Do you know, which one it is?

  14. From perspective of insintric observer, Universe appears like it would travel through density gradient, forming event horizon of black hole (some string theorists are talking about "throat of dark brane" in this connection).

    But from more general view of AWT this evolution is just an illusion, which follows from insintric observational perspective inside of fractal Aether foam, because we are connecting the observation of microscopic scale with the future of Universe expansion, the past with observation of vast cosmic space. Evolution of large objects is more slower, the larger these objects are and Universe as a whole doesn't really evolve at global scale.


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