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Higgs boson and Uroboros model of Universe

Uroboros is an ancient archetypal model of Universe related to implicit surfaces of topology, the Mobius strip and Klein bottle topology of holographic model of Universe in particular, which manifests at many levels of observable reality. In AWT it follows from geometry of causal energy spreading in transversal waves through nested Aether foam, where the same energy mediates both bulk volume properties, both surface properties of the same object. For example, if we get close to black hole, during passing its event horizon we would see, how previous universe generation has collapsed into many black hole horizon behind our spin and interior of black hole now appears like observable generation of universe with many black holes inside, the direct observation of black holes can therefore serve as an observational evidence of Uroboros geometry at cosmological scale.

The same geometry we can met with many dualities in human society, for example in mutual convergence of extreme leftwind and rigtwind ideas, as practiced by NDSAP party in Nazi Germany or bolshevist party in former Soviet Union, where employees got the same social status like their employers, at least proclamativelly. At Planck level scale the Uroboros model manifests in various supersymmetry phenomena, which follows from AdS/CFT correspondence (Mobius strip structure of electron and other spin 1/2 particles in particular) and in E8xE8 heterosis of Platonic solids, which can serve as 3D geometric models of causal dynamic triangulation of Aether foam (Lorentz/Wick rotation leads to isomorphism of root vector system of E8 Lie group in 3D, as Lisi Garret demonstrated).

Interesting consequence of T-duality in Uroboros model is isomorphism of most heavy/lightweight fermions and their supersymmetric bosons, the top quarks and Higgs boson in particular. From Standard model follows, the product of Higgs boson Yukawa coupling to the left- and right-handed top quarks have same rest mass (173.1±1.3 GeV/c2) and dilepton channel of decay and they're virtually indistinguishable each other. While top quark was observed in 1995 by the CDF and DØ experiments at Fermilab, it has no meaning to search for Higgs anymore at the moment, when bare top quark decay was identified (if something looks like a Higgs, walks like a Higgs, and quacks like a Higgs, it's just a product of top quark dilepton decay). In this point last bet of prof. Hawking that LHC won't find Higgs boson is dual to my conclusion, Higgs was observed already.

The more detailed interpretation of Higgs boson in AWT is difficult, because Higgs mechanism isn't primarily responsible for rest mass of particles in AWT. Higgs mechanism for giving mass to particles was actually first proposed in the context of solid state physics to explain how particle-like structures in metals can act as if they had an effective mass and it explains temperature dependence of conductivity in transition metals and semiconductors.

In particle physics, though, Higgs argument is designed to introduce the masses of the gauge bosons by a spontaneous breaking of the gauge symmetry of an additional field, the Higgs field. Of course this mechanism is a conceptually different from the way, in which condensate droplets of every particle environment are obtaining mass. And it has nothing to do with superconductivity also, as it takes place at room temperature, too. If Anderson–Higgs mechanism is related to background field in superconductivity such effect shouldn't be called a Higgs mechanism anymore - or we simply get two different kinds of Higgs bosons. Even worse, the technical derivation of the Higgs mechanism, consists in a mere reshuffling of degrees of freedom by transforming the Higgs Lagrangian in a gauge-invariant manner. This already raises serious doubts about the adequacy of the entire manoeuvre, since gauge transformations possess no real instantiations and no straightforward interpretation of the Higgs mechanism is tenable. IMO physicists are just mixing various concepts and mechanisms mutually at each level of physical model from phenomenological to formal one. Furthemore, a well known "hiearchy problem" implies, that quantum corrections can make the mass of the Higgs particle arbitrarily large, since virtual particles with arbitrarily large energies are allowed in quantum mechanics.

The case, when scientists are looking for phenomena, which is known for years already - just from opposite side - isn't new at all in context of AWT. For example the search for gravitational waves (CMB radiation), supersymmetry (observation of tetraneutron, pentaquark, dimuon event and other phenomena) Lorentz symmetry violation (gravitational lensing, GZK limit and other phenomena) or evidence of hidden dimensions (Casimir force and related phenomena) is the situation of the same category. For scientists is quite normal to search for violation of relativity by quantum mechanics and vice versa, while they're know already, these theories are inconsistent mutually up to level, their predictions differs in two hundred orders of magnitude.

Such situation just reflects the level of conceptual confusion, which penetrates whole contemporary physics. But we should realize, scientists as such have no strong motivation to solve contemporary situation, on the contrary - confusion enables them to keep their information monopoly, to broaden their RE-search and to ask money for another grants from taxes - only layman society is who is paying here. I suppose, such situation would appear unbelievable for our descendants - but this is exactly the situation, we are experiencing by now. Scientists are shamans of modern era and they're eating their own tails by such ignorant approach.

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  1. ... confusion enables them to keep their information monopoly, to broaden their RE-search and to ask money for another grants from taxes ...

    Sorry, I can't resist ...

    I disagree completely with you. Many times, scientists have to work very hard and they may not get anything. Do you know how difficult is to get a tenure position in an academic institution? Many times, they have to work with contracts for shorts and low budget. And they are often trying to solve the most difficult problems, so they have to work many hours daily, weekends included. Most of them are not known, and are putting their career at risk working in those problems. It's very difficult to succeed. Do you think their work is sitting down and to start writing nonsense about the aether? You're wrong. Young scientists are anonymous heroes which is very different of being a quack.

  2. By the way, the lizard is a toy made in China. It's made of plastics, so you are trying to trick to us. You're not honest ;-).

  3. /*..young scientists are anonymous heroes..*/
    We can call them a victims of contemporary educational system - on the other hand I cannot neglect the fact, formal thinking and conservative negativism is more frequent between young scientists, which appears paradoxical from historical perspective. For example, cold fusion research is driven by older scientists, younger one are deniers of cold fusion. This just illustrates, how contemporary science become a carrier driven society.

    You can get a larger photo of "Chinese plastic toy lizard" here. Isn't it a beautiful animal?

  4. BTW It's one of few rare examples of usage of wheel concept in Nature, as these lizards use their shape for locomotion occasionally.

  5. It's clear that the lizard is real, so I was wrong. But the fact is that the Chinese are very good making toy lizards, here for an example. Because of this, I thought the lizard was a toy. Even if the lizard is real, cold fusion was a fraud. If cold fusion had been a viable energy source, why do we still have so many problems with the petroleum? Why do you think there are so many wars to own the black gold?

  6. /*..If cold fusion had been a viable energy source, why do we still have so many problems with the petroleum..*/
    Nuclear fission is viable source too and petroleum problems still persists. Therefore I don't think, petroleum problems are relevant to cold fusion validity.

    If we wouldn't switch our economy from fossil fuels to some alternative source, we are risking nuclear war. It's as easy, as it is.

  7. Risk of a nuclear war, ... HAHAHAHA!!!!! (:-D).

    I can't follow, ... I've lost all my strength, ... Risk of a nuclear war, it can't be true, HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

    ...But I'm not going to blame you, not ... you are only a poor victim of the communism propaganda. Don't worry, good man, poor thing. They have tricked to you. You don't need to be so pessimistic. It's virtually impossible that a nuclear war will explode at the future. Do you think the mankind is mad? A nuclear war, what do you think? Just finished reading it and I have exploded in laughter. I enjoy reading your posts and your comments because they are hilarious.

    You should try to be more optimistic, forget the cold war. Now Czech republic is part of EU, like Spain, so you belong to western world. Welcome Zephir haha ..., as you haven't realised yet, I'm very happy to say you the cold war is over and the communism era is over, too congratulations!!!. You are free!, you do not have to be afraid to Soviet Union anymore. Listen this song, maybe you will be a little more happy after ;-).

  8. /* do not have to be afraid to Soviet Union anymore..*/
    Who's talking about Soviet Union by now?

    Spain cannot compensate drop of gas supplies for Czech Republic, when situation from beginning of year will repeat.

  9. About this issue, Lubos is the intellect:

    ... The dispute is probably going to end soon and the gas delivery will be restarted - because Ukraine has agreed with the Russian proposal to put independent monitors on its territory, largely thanks to the EU Council boss, Mr Mirek Topolánek ... ... gas is just another commodity that is subject to the rules of the market economy ... ... So let me summarize: let us hope that the dispute will be resolved soon. But all parties involved in the transactions should realize that they are participants of a contract that is supposed to be beneficial for all of them which is why all of them should be moderately grateful to others for making the deal possible. There is no universal human right that would allow one to buy or sell gas forever i.e. there is no universal and eternal obligation for a country or a company or a consumer to sell or buy gas, and only hardcore communists believe in this kind of "human rights" that contradict the very basic economic freedoms of the people. Arrogant attempts of the EU to control Russian companies would surely not be helpful. ...

    By the way, Topolánek, Isn't the same man, who had met with some Pretty Women at the feasts given by Berlusconi? Or I'm wrong.

  10. Yes, this is exactly what the supersymmetry means in praxis: Lubos is fighting against communism so much, he even promotes Russian authoritarianism and our dependency to fossil fuels, which was established by Bolshevists after WWW II. In another words, he promotes exactly the politics, which has lead our country into Russian bolshevism before fifty years.

    Mr. Topolanek is former Czech premier. He's seeking pretty women often..

  11. Who's talking about Soviet Union by now?

    "Iran's long-range missile program has not progressed as rapidly as previously estimated, reducing the threat to the continental U.S. and major European capitals, according to current and former U.S. officials."


  12. If we wouldn't switch our economy from fossil fuels to some alternative source, we are risking nuclear war. It's as easy, as it is.

    If the fossil fuel sources are depleted at near future, it will begin a new era. But, where is the problem?

  13. Synopsis: Higgs boson was observed already as a dilepton channel of top-quark decay. From Standard model follows, the product of Higgs boson Yukawa coupling to the left- and right-handed top quarks have nearly the same rest mass (173.1±1.3 GeV/c2) like those predicted for Higgs boson (178.0 ± 4.3 GeV/c2). We can compare the way, in which Higgs is expected to be detected on LHC: Higgs boson decay and the way, in which top-quark pairs were detected already: top quark decay.

    Analogous level of conceptual confusion exists in (re)search of gravitational waves, extradimensions and Lorentz symmetry violation, while CMB noise is ignored with negative impact on the effectiveness of physical research.

  14. The discoveries have been already achieved, that's right. But the money is the money. Most of the scientists are denying their discipline, i.e. the science. This supersymmetric behaviour of the mainstream scientific community is dual to the supersymmetric behaviour of the rest of society. Because of this, we are doomed to our own extinction, as many other species was extincted long time ago.

  15. /*..we are doomed to our own extinction...*/
    It seems, you're in too pessimistic mood today...;-) Where is your new girlfriend and Ibiza party?

    Anyway, I noticed, you falled for supersymmetry concept, as applied to human society. This is basically a good interdisciplinary approach - to blur boundaries between physics, sociology or even philosophy. I presume, philosophy could learn a lot from physics and vice-versa.

  16. BTW This topic related post was censored as PSEUDOSCIENCE.

  17. Where is your new girlfriend ...

    Too bad. I have got very bad luck. But doesn't matter. My search for a blonde is the mission of my life (like TGD is the mission of the "Mr." ;-) Matti's life) . And I will get one very pretty, at the end. I'm sure.

    Ibiza is a very nice place, Zephir, but it's better in summer, now it's a little late.

    BTW the comments are indeed pseudoscience. And in many web sites science is only allowed. the pseudoscience is forbidden , but don't ask me why.


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